What the fuck?!?

A news story out of my local neck of the woods.  Seems a local Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death this morning as shoppers rushed in to the store to get the much-ballyhooed "Black Friday" discounts on cheap electronics and generic plastic crap. How terrible a person do you have to be to allow someone to get trampled to death in exchange for a good discount on shit that you don't need?

Of course, I'm sure that this awful new low in American consumerism will be enough to cause retailers to stop offering sales on the day after Thanksgiving...On second thought, maybe next year, they will simply encase employees in Iron Man-style armor.

If this is the freedom that the terrorists hate us for, I can almost understand where they are coming from.

A Bit of Stasis

Unintelligent Design #1: Cold, Drowned and Toothless.