Revelations of Science: All are One

The Pod is pleased to bring you a new series devoted to demonstrating the various wonders and amazement of existence in this Universe. The Tree of lifeBiological sciences are ripe with revelation about the world we live in and the human place in it. Perhaps the most striking point made in this regard is the rather startling fact that all organisms currently living on this planet represent a continual, unbroken line of descent from the very first organism to inhabit this jerkwater burg (or at least the first organism that used DNA as its information storage molecule and possessed the ability to reproduce itself). Consider the implications of this statement for even a little while and you have to be impressed with the ability of science to provide humanity with a perspective of existence that at least rivals, if not soundly trumps, anything offered in any revealed religious tradition.

Furthermore, the underlying message of unity in all of life that is transmitted in this revelation is quite arguably more inspiring and far less selfless than anything offered in the Judeo-Christian tradition in which the author finds himself and his countrymen immersed on a daily basis.

As well as a line of humanity that stretches back to our origin as a species, your progenitors have existed on this Earth for billions of years and encompass a range of diversity and complexity that stretches from something resembling a modern day bacterium, through sponges, worms, fishes, amphibia, reptiles and a variety of mammalian ancestors. And while you were not created from a lump of mud with the breath of god, you were cobbled together from a highly specific and inconceivably complex collection of atoms which are nothing less than a variety of the energies present at the very beginning of this universe.

I cannot help but feel sorry for the reader if he or she finds little  comfort in these statements.

While the author would happily delve into the various strands of evidence and observation that support the above claims, to do so would be overly laborious both for him and for the readership. Suffice it to say that anyone so disposed is welcome to peruse the informational wonderland that exists at the far side of their modem to bone up on the myriad of facts on which the claimed revelation is built.

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