Where's This Story?

I know that I (and the majority of the country) am on vacation, but certainly there is still a functional news department somewhere, right? Which helps explain my shock at the paucity of news coverage of the largest ecological catastrophe in the history of the US (link to follow, once I am no longer blogging from my cell phone while awaiting a lunch of fresh gulf fish). For those who are not aware of our most recent bitchslap to the environment, there was a massive breach of a coal ash holding pond resulting in a flood of more than five million gallons of the thick, noxious slurry into the Tenessee River.

I'm not particularly surprised by the event. Coal ash breeches are certainly nothing new. However, I am surprised at the almost complete lack of coverage in the media. One had to dig a bit on the aggregators to even find it.

The moral of the story: if you're going to have an ecological catastrophe, do it immediately before Jesus Day.

I guess this is what's meant by "clean coal," when the shit hits the fan you simply pretend like it doesn't exist.

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