A Southern Observation

I drove. From a Cracker Barrel 50 miles north of Durham to a Wendy's 15 miles south of Atlanta. The accents thicken with every mile. And I know the bad racism is past, but we have gone from the land of Jerry Fallwell through the states of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, into the land of George Wallace and while they are all squarely dead, they haven't been for all that long.

How wide was McCain-Palin's margin in Alabama?

The cashier at the Wendy's where spouse and I had dinner wanted to know if it hurt when I got "the gristle part" of my ear pierced. I don't think the poor girl was able to fathom Al's tragus piercing even with it in front of her face. It could have been worse--we could have shown her our tattoos.

Merriest of X-Masses to one and all. My understanding is that the whole thing has to do with Jesus. Who knew?!?

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