That Goes In There?!?

Here's yet another study that shows that "abstinence only" sex education is a total waste of time and money, actually leading to an increase in careless sex practices in the teens who participate.  Not the first study to suggest this, and I'm sure it won't be the last.  There's nothing wrong with abstinence, but treating teenagers like they are stupid enough to believe that abstinence is the only safe-sex practice worth thier time sure does seem to leave them in the lurch when they decide to act like human teenagers and actually have sex. Of course, I have to wonder where parents are in all of this?  I know that by the time I was ten years old my parents made sure I knew exactly how the proverbial deal went down and though it pains the ego to admit it, I assure the reader that I was no faster than the average human in my graduation to full-fledged sexuality.

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