Massive Creative Efforts Misspent

Doc Bushwell brings us all this little youtube gem from a creationist with way too much time on his hands: [youtube=]

It is a shame that such an inspired gentleman can be so wrong-headed and so incorrect generally.  Someone spouts off some easily debunked twaddle about the fossil record, this guy devotes brain power to learning said twaddle, memorializes it in a copyright-infringing song, and the internet(s) allow for all of us to watch him dance, dance, dance.

I believe this video has qualified to be included with my various other "creationist stupidity" clips that I show to AP Biology.   One of my favorite activities of the year, wherein we look at various creationist claims and then discuss the evidence that directly controverts them (often, there is so much of the latter that it is hard to know where to begin).

And Now We Are Home