And Now We Are Home

Our three day journey back up the east coast of America and into the bosom of my familiar Long Island has finished.  Once again, the wife and I find ourselves back in our cozy apartment, it only slightly the worse for wear due to the three felines roaming unobstructed for a full week plus two days. A warm gratitude extended to all family and friends whom we visited during our trip.  If there is a better time to see as many people that we hold dear as we have over the past little while, than I am at a loss for when that would be.

As far as the New Year, I am glad that the Earth continues it's orbit around my favorite star relatively undisturbed.  As far as resolutions go, I have a few.  The most important as far as you are concerned is my hope to recruit a few more contributors and some shiny new features.  Maybe you are interested?

Back in New York--for all of its warts, I still wouldn't trade this bustle for anything that I have seen recently.  And as for my students, I'm perfectly happy to spend another 60 or so hours without them.

Enjoy your first of 52 fridays in 2009.

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