And Now I Am Sick

Blaaarrghhh!  I have become quite ill.  As is a virtual guarantee, the illness has struck during my winter break week.  And here I was planning on electing to do nothing all week.  Now I am forced to do nothing, except haul my ass to the doctor (where I was vindicated in my prediction that I don't have strep throat and, as such, nothing can be done for me) and run a circuit between CVS and the supermarket. Learn from my mistake:  Never, EVER buy the Ricola "Green tea and echinacea" brand cough drops.  They are as gross as they sound.  In my defense, I had a head full of 'tussin when I made my purchase.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with some soup.


Oh...That's Why.

This one's going to suck.