Oh...That's Why.

Being that I have had a large amount of free time on my hands recently, I have been perusing the back catalog of HBO documentaries on the cable box.  I happened to watch "Right America:  Feeling Wronged," a documentary about the final descent of the McCain campaign.  Admittedly, it is a select portrait of the more notable craziness that began to blossom at the end of the campaign, but it gets really easy to see why the McCain-Palin ticket shit the bed so spectacularly. As someone who more often than not comes down on the "liberal" side of things (whatever that means), I am often embarrased by some of the speech and actions of my fellow travellers.  Typically, this embarassment comes about when some poorly informed celebrity or other offers up some poorly formed defense of something that I happen to agree with.  I really have no use for any of it, and have developed a concept to describe it:  The "You're Not Helping" Award.

But as obnoxious as I find all of this, I am so glad that the people I throw in with are not like this guy:


I mean, jesus fucking christ.  And this guy is pretty tame by the standards of the documentary.  Most of the faithful that are interviewed are overtly racist and breathtakingly uninformed.  I mean there's a guy who happily admits that he doesn't think women should have the right to vote.

Now I'm watching "The Trials of Ted Haggard," which is hi-larious!

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