Found Things: Free Fresh Phish

3336266445_43d56e410fSo, you couldn't get to Hampton to see the first three Phish concerts in five years.  Well, take heart in the fact that the gentlemen have put all three shows up on for you to download for free! Get up there and suck 'em down.

This is the first Phish that I've heard in five years and I have enjoyed all three shows.  The recordings are super quality and the set lists are pretty sweet.  Some tracks are a bit rustier than others, but what's a Phish show without a quality flub here and there.

I'm not sure how long the shows will be up for you to have, but I'm sure it will be quite a while.

Now, I have to wait until Jones Beach in June (it sure is nice to have friends who give you spare tickets).

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