#3DforDP: Scheming my way to a school MakerBot

MakerBot2 Within a few hours of learning that the folks at MakerBot had partnered with the folks at DonorsChoose to try to get 3D printers into as many schools as can fundraise for them, I had enlisted the help of my colleagues, and posted a proposal for our school's own little slice of fabrication-pie.

The project is definitely one of the larger crowd-funding initiatives that I have helmed, but it is also the first one that is for my entire science and technology department, not just for the courses that I teach.  Hopefully, enough of my good friends (by which I mean my colleagues, though certainly any readers are included, too) will get behind it, and broaden the social network to the point that we can waltz our way to making 3D printing a reality for our school.  Publicity is always important for these types of things.  I'm suggesting that the hashtag #3DforDP is appropriately catchy.

Certainly, any donors will find their way to the Wall of Awesome, as well.

#3DforDP: Well, that was fast!

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