#3DforDP: Well, that was fast!

MakerBot_Replicator2_Front_View-700x466 Less than 24 hours after putting our #3DforDP DonorsChoose project up for funding, the entire thing has been funded.  Unbelievable.  What's particularly unbelievable is that MakerBot kicked in a substantial chunk of funding to bring us to the point where we only had to raise an additional $98 to fully fund the project (which came along in short order).  A quick look at the DonorsChoose MakerBot projects that are still up shows that ours was not the only project to benefit from such largesse.  Words can not express how awesome a gesture that is.

Words can also not express how awesome all of the assistance from all of the folks who donated to the project was.  I really appreciate it, and I know that our students are going to benefit tremendously from having this amazing technology in our building.

Generation Jump: Week 16

#3DforDP: Scheming my way to a school MakerBot